WorldTicket introduces our ticketing solution, W2 TKT, for airlines globally looking to optimise on BSP sales.

With W2 TKT we are breaking with the traditions and introduce a ticketing product at half the cost of the industry standard and with better commercial conditions.

Who can benefit?

Our ticketing product is an offer to any airline, independent of their PSS solution, who is looking to optimise on their existing GDS sales. With W2 TKT these airlines can be for sale in e.g. the offline BSP markets that are of less strategic importance than the online BSP markets. Nevertheless, a ticket sold in the offline markets is a ticket that would not otherwise have been sold and the accumulated value from these non-strategic BSP markets easily become significant amounts to the airlines.

The obvious alternative for global ticketing

W2 TKT offers better commercial conditions than any other ticketing providers in the market, and represents the obvious alternative for global ticketing:

  • interline service charge approximately 50% less than the industry standard
  • Better commercial conditions in terms of revenue release process
  • Revenue accounting service on BSP sales included