For our airline customers it all starts with a passenger. And for us as the provider of the sales and distribution platform, our most important job is to help our airline customers win the passengers at that very moment they decide to buy a ticket – we call this moment the Online Moment of Truth.

In WorldTicket we have defined the Passenger Experience Life Cycle, based on the 5 stages a passenger goes through during their interaction with an airline; Need, Search, Book, Experience and Share.

The 5 stages in the Passenger Experience Life Cycle guide us in our product development on optimising the sales capabilities in our solutions. We always keep the passenger top of mind when it comes to new development and want to provide our customers with the level of advanced functionality that help them optimising on how to reach the passengers when they wish to buy a ticket, how to make the booking process more flexible for the passengers to build the product package they need, how to improve the actual travel experience through our technology and in the end generate loyal customers that not only become recurring customers but also recommend our airline customer in their own network.