WorldTicket delivers scheduled airlines with a PSS solution that offers the best of both worlds in terms of functionality vs. flexibility.

Having served this target group since 2002, we know that these airlines often have a need for an advanced distribution set-up to gain a strong position in their home markets, i.e. in the form of direct sales combined with distribution in the GDS’, interline and codeshare partnerships, bundling and unbundling their products and full flexibility on structuring their commercial set-up.

With Sell-More-Seats, these airlines get a mature PSS where both GDS, interline and codeshare has been supported since 2008 combined with a full online retail solution for the direct website sales built on the latest e-commerce technology.

All functionality related to inventory management, management reporting and business intelligence, irregular operations functionality etc is of course integrated in Sell-More-Seats.


More and more airlines are combining their scheduled flights with mixed business models on permanent or seasonal basis.

The functionality inside Sell-More-Seats designed specifically for the charter operations, allows airlines to commercially manage their scheduled and charter business inside one PSS.

For charter airlines, we implement the formats of your tour operators for seamless import of the charter passenger files, including SSR’s and seat information and with the integrations you will always have the latest PNR information inside Sell-More-Seats. With the automatic pull of information from the tour operators, manual processes are eliminated and you have full control of the sales done by each tour operator.

For increased passenger experience and up-sell charter web shops specifically for passengers coming from tour operators can be implemented, for e.g. tax free sales prior to departure.


The virtual airlines acting as marketing companies and who have outsourced the operation to an operating carrier, usually have limited or no options to get into the GDS and limited commercial control of the GDS distribtuion due to the operational set-up.

With W2 GDS sub-hosting the virtual airlines now have a way to be distributed in the GDS independent of their operating carrier. WorldTicket will provide the full PSS to the virtual carrier and enter an industry standard codeshare agreement with the operating carrier. The virtual airline will be distributed in all the major GDS’ as W2 and the operating carrier is clearly visitble as required.

The virtual carrier remain in full control of their distribution and can freely negotiate with any operator.