As the owner of the Danish scheduled and VIP charter airline FlexFlight (W2 ticket stock), we offer global ticketing to any airline who is either not having any partner for BSP ticketing today or is looking to supplement or substitute its current partners for ticketing in remote BSP markets.

W2 BSP Ticketing by WorldTicket is our way of fully utilizing the benefits of being both an IT service provider as well as an airline, and provide our customers with the best of both worlds.

We provide you with additional sales in remote markets at 50% below the average industry rate but double up on the service level.

This means that with us, revenue accounting services are of course included in the Interline Service Charge and you have full transparency of all your sales without even asking for it. Just how we believe a ticketing partnership is supposed to be.

Whether you are using our PSS solutions or not, contact us for more information on our ticketing solutions

WorldTicket Product Model



WorldTicket offers the unique service to act as a General Sales Agent (GSA), providing several packages to help airlines boost sales, increase online presence and outsource processes and services when needed.

More than 15 years of experience in the airline industry and our globally spread offices, make WorldTicket the perfect and strong service provider for your needs.

We offer services performed within several service areas performed by airline and marketing specialists:

  1. First line support to your passengers – suitable if you want to cover more time zones, outsource call center services during peak seasons or low staff periods.
  2. Up-sell and cross-sell services – improve your online offerings with our Passenger Retail solution and utilize the 3rd party content providers partnering with WorldTicket.
  3. Digital marketing – our online marketing specialists provide services with proven results. Improve your online ranking, be optimized to reach your customers on all devices, fully utilize social media as a sales platform and build a stronger brand online.
  4. Airline Services – Let WorldTicket help you with specialized airline services (e.g. during growth periods) within revenue accounting, revenue management, PSS management etc. Contact us to learn more about our price competitive offerings within the areas of your concern.