WorldTicket (W1) is a market-leading provider of sales and distribution platforms for regional and mid-sized airlines worldwide.

Our Passenger Service System (PSS) is called Sell-More-Seats® and since 2002 we have provided airlines with a modern and flexible solution for inventory management and distribution and today we provide more than 45 airlines globally with the capability of selling in the direct sales channels and the Global Distribution System.

In 2008 WorldTicket implemented the IATA e-ticket standard and is connected to all the major GDS’s at the highest connectivity level. We provide our airline customers with advanced functionality with a solution that can provide them with a distribution set-up of the major airlines, but in a simple, flexible and user-friendly solution that is easy to implement and start using, giving our customers the best of two worlds.

WorldTicket is unique by being the only IT provider of PSS solutions who is also an airline. WorldTicket has acquired the airline FlexFlight with the IATA code W2 has implemented W2 in all the major GDS’. This allows us offer unique benefits in form of Interline and codeshare agreements to our airline customers.

Furthermore, thanks to the unique combination of the PSS system and the W2 code, we can sub-host any of our airline customers and distribute them in all the major GDS’ as W2. Today this is used by our customers either temporarily for quicker time to market or permanently for ie. virtual or smaller carriers.

Contact us for a online demo and a presentation of our unique offerings for an advanced distribution set-up at commercial attractive conditions and quick time to market.