Our Online Sales platform will allow you to tailor your market appearance with specialized websites for target audiences and the ability to price tickets and SSR depending on the customer group. Promotion Management is another enhancement and the ability to capture customer behavior is also included.

As online sales become more important it is of essence that your airline’s product offering and the display of it can match the international trends and you don’t fall behind. That means unbundling of fares and allowing creation of customer tailored Special Service Requests (SSR) and Advanced Seat Reservations (ASR) becomes a vital source of income for most airlines and it is expected by customers to be able to choose products. Further the desire of airlines needs to be addressed, to optimize extra product sales and integrate with other non-air content in the product offering.

WorldTicket has developed the Passenger Retail Solution as our solution to the airlines to help them accommodate the demand from the industry and the passengers for more modern and diverse product. The solution is based on the most modern technology that is used by some of the biggest online retail companies in the world, but of course still with the functionality specifically needed by the airlines and according to the general standards in the industry.

WorldTicket Passenger Retail Solution Features:

  • Full eCommerce website delivered with latest eCommerce content management system
  • New modern design capable of supporting all devices used by the passenger
  • Dynamic packaging and ability to unbundle fares and sell Special Service Requests (SSR) and non-air related services
  • Bundle SSR with special sell, up- and cross-sell all aiming to create Yield per passenger
  • Customer interaction via profiling, allowing self-administration by customer for changes which reduces call center requests and possibility for the airline to make targeted marketing
  • Manage and set up Promotions independent independently from Sell-More-Seats
  • Sell 3rd party products like hotel, car rental, insurance etc


We will gladly send you an online demo and a presentation of our unique offerings at commercial attractive conditions and quick time to market.