June 30, 2020

Summer in France

It’s summertime and July has arrived already. That means the travel industry’s busiest months have begun. We are more than happy that traveling is possible again and thus we want to introduce you to one of our favourite summer vacation destinations in Europe – France. Let’s discover the country of love, baguettes, wine, crystal blue water and endless lavender fields together. 🇫🇷✈️


1. Paris

Why don’t you start your summer holiday in France right away in the country’s capital Paris? Paris is a major European city and a global hotspot for fashion, culture, and gastronomy located in the north of the country. Paris is also very well-known for its vibrant boulevards with numerous beautiful boutiques where you can stroll through. Additionally, you can visit many world-class museums like the Louvre Museum or George Pompidou Centre. Something that should never be missed in Paris is to enjoy a French baguette or croissant in one of the classic bistros or a glass of wine in one of the restaurants in the city where you can have a direct view on the Eiffel Tower – Paris most iconic monument.

Paris Eiffel Tower City France


2. Brittany

The Brittany region is in the northwest of France. It is a hilly peninsula with a rugged coastline towards the Atlantic Ocean. On this coastline you can find beautiful beaches such as Saint-Malo or Dinard where you should definitely take a swim and enjoy the ocean. For cultural lovers also interesting cities like Brest and Lorient are worth a visit. Very famous for the region are the distinctive granite walls and the historic castles built on its rocks. One of our favourite ones is the Josselin Castle with its three majestic towers. You should also make a short visit to the capital city of the Britanny, Rennes, which offers beautiful parks and an iconic cathedral.

Brittany Sea Atlantic Ocean


3. Provence and Sault

The Provence is located in the south-east of France and is part of the region “Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur” (abbreviated PACA). It consists of the départements Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Alpes-Maritimes, Bouches-du-Rhône, Hautes-Alpes, Var and Vaucluse. Each of these départements has its own charm, with numerous places to visit, exceptional landscapes, individual specialties and its own history. No other region in France is so diverse and so rich in contrasts.

Lavender Field Summer Sun Vacation

Among others, the little village Sault is located in the region of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. It is situated on a rocky outcrop in a plain made up of wheat, spelt and lavender fields. The first documented human presence dates back to prehistoric times and increased steadily until the 19th century. The local products of the land of Sault are as numerous as they are varied: honey, Ventoux pork, white nougat and of course lavender. Among other things you can discover the municipal museum of Sault and visit a lavender farm.

France Village Provence Sea Summer


4. Alps

The French Alps are an attractive destination not only in winter but also in summer. With a size of about 40,000 km² they form the westernmost part of the Alps. Even the highest mountain in Western Europe is located here: with 4.810m the Mont Blanc is definitely a must-see in the Alps. In the North they are bordered by Lake Geneva, in the South they extend to the Mediterranean Sea. In the warm months the Alps are ideal for hiking, climbing and mountain biking, in the cold season they are used for winter sports.

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