June 17, 2020


A flexible PSS built on latest Technology

Copenhagen, June 2020.

WorldTicket has provided airlines worldwide with modern and flexible PSS solutions suitable for the needs of traditional, low-cost and hybrid airlines since 2008. Our PSS, Sell-More-Seats (SMS), provides distribution in all common distribution channels with our B2B tool, connectivity to all the major GDS’, online travel agencies, and on their own website. Among the many advantages of Sell-More-Seats are its user friendly interface and its fast implementation which requires a minimum level of training.

Sell-More-Seats enables airlines to easily manage schedules, fares and fare rules, irregular operations, management and sales reports – and all within one system. Sell-More-Seats is running on the 5th generation and is built on modern HTML5 technology.

These technologies combined with our global cloud hosting environment, allow us to provide airlines with a set-up that is fully scalable, doesn’t require any installations of software or local hosting set-up and make us adaptable for future technologies as your airlines grows and develops.

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