May 5, 2020

Where To Travel Next? – Part 2

Never Stop Dreaming! – We Are WorldTicket

Copenhagen, May 2020.

This is part 2 of the travel dreams our colleagues want to share.

Read here what Mateusz, Luisa, Tatiana and Jurij are dreaming of:



“My next travel destination will be Biebrza National Park in North-eastern Poland. It is the biggest nature reserve in Poland, an idyllic place along an old meandering river with wetlands, a great amount of rare wildlife, beautiful birds, amazing scenery and old villages. 

I always go there when I need to put my mind to rest, reconnect with nature and charge my batteries.”


LUISA – Project Coordinator

“The first place I will visit is my hometown Friedrichshafen located at the beautiful Lake Constance, also called “Bodensee” in the south of Germany. It is the third largest freshwater lake in Central and Western Europe and connects Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

I haven’t been there since Christmas, this is why I am really looking forward to finally see my family and friends again. I also hope that the weather will be good enough for a dip in the lake.”


TATIANA – System Consultant

“My next travel destination will be Istanbul, Turkey. I was there already 2 times, and want to go back. I have special warm memories from my travelling there. 

This picture was taken in 2018, on the roof of my hotel at dawn, and when I see this picture it reminds me how beautiful the world is! “



JURIJ – System Consultant

“My next destination is going to be Fažana, a small town in  the southwest of the Istrian peninsula, Croatia. For three years in a row, we had been spending a couple of weeks in late July at the Adriatic cost for a perfect beach holiday.

Differently from most of my travels, this is not an air trip, but 2000 km drive through four transit EU countries, and I sincerely hope that European borders will be again open by mid of July to make my plans come true!”


Maybe one of these stunning locations will also become one of your next travel destinations?!

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