May 5, 2020

Where To Travel Next? – Part 1

Never Stop Dreaming! – We Are WorldTicket

Copenhagen, May 2020.

Unfortunately, travelling across boarders is not possible at the moment, but we in WorldTicket strongly believe that we will soon be able to explore the world again.

We are constantly dreaming of our next destinations as soon as the pandemic is under control and boarders open up again.

Read in part 1 of our series what our colleagues Alina, Mette, May Zaw and Aksel are dreaming of:


ALINA – Sales Manager

“The first place I go when borders are open and travel restrictions are gone will be Amsterdam. One year ago I purchased tickets for April this year for all my family members except the youngest daughter who is 1.5 years old now. We planned to spend 8 days traveling in Amsterdam and its suburbs with our good friends who migrated from Kyiv to Amsterdam not that long ago and welcomed us to stay in their house. Unfortunately the long-awaited trip was canceled due to the Covid-19 Quarantine measures. We are looking forward to be able to finally go there.”


MAY ZAW – Project Manager

‘My first travel destination as soon as counties open up would be my hometown Yangon in Myanmar. Ultimately, to see my family and also to meet up with some relatives and friends whom I haven’t met for such a long time.

I Literally can not wait to have my mom home cook meals.”



METTE – VP Corporate Affairs


“I really hope that one of my next travels will be to Switzerland this summer. It is by far some of the most beautiful nature I have ever experienced.

I will be looking forward to some amazing hikes and of course that wonderful cheese fondue”




“My first travel destination will be Balka Beach in the South of Bornholm, a small island in Eastern part of Denmark. I am going to celebrate my parents-in-law 50 year wedding anniversary. I look forward to a great family dinner. Hopefully we will get “Sol over Gudhjem” one of my favorites open face sandwiches.

I expect to fly to the island with DAT to support the airline industry. They deserve it after the setback from Covid-19.”


Maybe one of these stunning locations will also become one of your next travel destinations?!

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