April 6, 2020


Staycations and visiting Balconia are trending vacation destinations at the moment. But you would rather go somewhere else in order to satisfy your wanderlust? We have five tips on what you can do in order to escape the daily routine. Have fun and enjoy your imaginary “vacation”.

  • Make a DIY Photo Album

We all collect vacation photos on our phones. But what about going back to the roots and making a nice photo album? Get yourself a nice book with empty pages, some pencils, and colors as well as some decoration. Then, print out your favorite photos and stick them in the book. It’s also a great idea for a personal easter gift. 

  • Cook Vacation Recipes at Home

Which country is your favorite vacation destination? Is it Italy and you are now dreaming about the delicious Pasta you had last year for dinner while enjoying incredibly delicious red wine and while sitting on the terrace next to the beach in Sardinia? Or is it Thailand and you are now remembering the stunning Thai Curry you’ve tried on Koh Samui?

We all love the food on our vacation and associate specific food with one specific destination. Choose one destination where you would love to be now and cook traditional recipes. That’s even better than traveling there because it has two major benefits: it’s way cheaper and you are improving your cooking skills!

  • Watch Travel Movies

Let yourself beam to your personal dream destination by watching a travel or vacation movie. It can be a documentary about your favorite country, a blockbuster in a country where you always wanted to go to or a series.

For example, have you ever been to Thailand? No? Then you should watch “The Beach” with Leonardo Di Caprio! It’s not just an incredible thrilling movie but you can see mind-blowing beaches in Thailand.

  • Listen to Vacation Songs

Would you like to go to Spain? Then you can listen to traditional Spanish guitar music or to salsa songs. You would rather go to Australia? Turn on the iconic song “Down Under” sung by Men At Work and it literally takes you one second to be mentally in Down Under.

  • Learn a new Language

Until you are at home you can pass the time by learning a new language. You always wanted to learn Chinese or French but you’ve never had the time to do so? Now, the time has come! Download yourself one of countless language apps and study up to 15 minutes every day. You’ll see it’s not as difficult as you’ve thought it would be. And maybe your next real-life vacation will be in the country you’re learning the language right now.

But for now, all of us should show solidarity and should stay at home. We’re all in this together and together we are strong


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