February 25, 2020

New Customer: Lübeck Air

Now Available on W2

Copenhagen, February 2020.

We proudly announce one of our newest airline customers, Lübeck Air, is live on our PSS, Sell-More-Seats and our e-commerce solution, W1 Retail. As a virtual carrier, we are also pleased to announce that the flights of Lübeck Air can be issued in the GDS’ with W2 as a marketing and validating carrier now.

The new German Airline Lübeck Air is headquartered in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck. The airline will start domestic flight operations from Lübeck Airport to Munich and Stuttgart in June this year, and thus bringing back scheduled traffic

Our W2 Sub-Hosting solution is the entry into GDS distribution for many start-up and virtual carriers. Airlines choosing this set-up will achieve distribution in all the major GDS’ and in all our BSP markets while maintaining full commercial control of the GDS sales.

Welcome aboard Lübeck Air!

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