February 25, 2020

Danish Air Transport (DAT)

WorldTicket implements DAT in Sabre on DX

Copenhagen, February 2020.

We are pleased to announce that DAT is now available for distribution in Sabre GDS on their own DX IATA code.

From now on it is possible for travel agents to book DAT flight and issue on 243/DX accounting code in the BSP markets of Denmark (DK), Norway (NO), Sweden (SE), France (FR), Lithuania (LT), and Italy (IT).

For other BSP markets, travel agents will still have the possibility to issue the flights of DAT on 365/W2 account code due to the ticketing partnership between DAT and W2

Headquartered in Vamdrup, Kolding Municipality, DAT, is a Danish airline which started its operations in 1989. With a current fleet of 20 aircraft, DAT serves more than 16 destinations in Europe. Among others, the airline operates scheduled passenger flights domestically in Denmark as well as in Italy.

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