January 20, 2020

W2 Sub-Hosting

No faster way to GDS Distribution

Copenhagen, January 2020.

Are you looking for the fastest way to GDS Distribution – look no further! W2 Sub-Hosting is WorldTicket’s unique offering for GDS distribution as an alternative to airlines making direct integrations to the GDS’. W2 Sub-Hosting comes with an attractive transaction-based commercial model, provides quick time to market on the GDS sales channels and is seamlessly integrated with the WorldTicket PSS.

The solution is designed to be attractive for various commercial airline models, including start-up airlines looking to kick-start all sales channels from day 1, virtual airlines without their own IATA code and LCC airlines who want to dedicate their own resources to the direct sales.

Further, W2 Sub-Hosting still allows the airline to interline with major carriers and is by no means any limitation in achieving a global partner network. Airlines choosing this set-up still have full commercial control of the GDS sales and by having an all-in-one set-up of PSS and sub-hosting, the manual processes are fewer and the total cost of distribution lower than the industry standard.

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