January 20, 2020


Upgrade in 2020

Copenhagen, January 2020.

We have designed our W1 Retail solution for airlines looking to offer their passengers the most modern online experience but without compromising their spending budget. Besides the advanced functionality, which our customers need for their website sales, it includes a full content management system for management and analysis but without high upfront investments.

In 2019 we have released our latest and biggest add-on to our airline e-commerce solution, namely W1 HOTEL. This innovative add-on is making it possible to sell hotels as a fully integrated part of the ticket buying experience on W1 Retail. It can either be included in the buying process as a package together with the flight ticket or as a standalone process separate from buying the flight ticket.

With the exclusive rates in W1 HOTEL, the integration does not only represent an attractive add-on to your existing offerings but further gives you the opportunity to offer hotel rates that are not normally accessible to your passengers.

We have already started our work on even more innovative features for W1 RETAIL for 2020 and we can’t wait to make them available to our customers. So if you have not upgraded your website solution to W1 RETAIL, maybe 2020 should be the year to do it?

We can already promise that there will be incredible things happening.

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