December 17, 2019

Thank You & Tusind Tak!

A Word from the CEO.

Copenhagen, December 2019.

What an incredible year 2019! This year has been a very special and successful year for all of us.

Looking back makes me feel very proud as we have made significant product breakthroughs with our W1 NDC platform, combined with the W1 HOTEL implementation and our passenger journey website solution W1 RETAIL.

Both, the W1 NDC and the W1 RETAIL are platforms that are implemented independent of our PSS solution, creating an opportunity for airlines hosted on other PSS providers to get the benefits of WorldTicket unique distribution capabilities.

All this at the same time while we have expanded our airline customer base. This year we have signed up 14 new airlines that we service with PSS, RETAIL or GDS access or interline ticketing.

A huge THANK YOU to all of our loyal airline customers that are supporting us every day. They are participating as development partners in improving and innovating our SMS5 platform to make it the world’s leading 2nd tier PSS platform.

All the best, Merry Christmas, and a happy new year,
Lasse Meilsoe

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