December 12, 2019

WorldTicket – our Company

WorldTicket has provided traditional, low cost, and charter airlines worldwide with advanced Passenger Service Solutions since 2002. Starting out from Copenhagen, a continuously evolving customer base – both in terms of number, geography, and airline business models – has required us to expand in where we offer customer support and what kind of competencies we offer in each of our offices.

Team WorldTicket Global Organization


The biggest challenge in servicing almost 60 airline PSS customers is the different time zones and the ability to assist in urgent situations independently of the airline – or passenger – being located in Europe, Asia or America. Nevertheless, it is one of the most important values for us, to be accessible to our customers at any time.

With various departments represented in each of our offices, including product development, 24/7 support services, project management are represented in multiple locations we are able to successfully manage this challenge.

Being a global organization means a more agile workforce, scalability, and transparency and supported by our modern service tools, it enables us to service our globally spread customer base at any time – either through the WorldTicket helpdesk or live chat with the support team.

Additionally, thanks to our global representation, we have developed W1 GSA Services that provides our airline customers the capability of outsourcing the first-line passenger support to the WorldTicket service organization.

WorldTicket Location + Departments represented worldwide



About us:
WorldTicket develops Passenger Service Solutions (PSS) for airlines worldwide. Our PSS, Sell-More-Seats, helps airlines with distribution in the direct and indirect sales channels through our airline e-commerce solution and our B2B tool as well as distribution in all the global GDS’.

Sell-More-Seats supports the needs of airlines of any business model, both LCC, traditional, charter or a mixed model, to easily manage schedules, fares and fare rules, irregular operations, reporting and airline partnerships, etc. in one solution. Additionally, through our ownership of the airline FlexFlight with the IATA code W2, we are interlining with carriers worldwide to provide global IATA BSP ticketing.

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