November 18, 2019

Airline E-Commerce with W1 Retail

Independent of the PSS

Copenhagen, November 2019.

WorldTicket announces yet another significant update on our W1 Retail solution. Our airline e-commerce solution can now be used by any airline looking to optimize and modernize its direct sales channel independent of their PSS provider.

Thanks to the modern technology of W1 Retail, the solution can be seamlessly integrated with 3rd part PSS providers through API connectivity between WorldTicket and the existing airline PSS.

“We acknowledge that some airlines are not necessarily looking to do at complete PSS provider change when it comes to optimizing their B2C sales. However, we still see that the ability to provide the passengers with a more modern shopping experience is essential – also for the mid-sized and regional carriers of both traditional and mixed models. This is why we have taken this strategic step of integrating W1 Retail with other PSS’. ”, says Mateusz Kokosinski, CPO at WorldTicket

W1 Retail is a full e-commerce platform suitable for both traditional, mixed or LCC airlines looking to modernize their offerings in the B2C sales channel with more flexible productizing options, a design that is working on both laptops and mobile devices, advanced analytics dashboard on consumer behavior, etc.

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