October 15, 2019

W1 Hotel

Offer Your Customers Unique Hotel Rates

Copenhagen, October 2019.

We are proud to launch one of the biggest add-ons to our airline e-commerce solution yet – W1 Hotel. With W1 Hotel, selling hotels as a fully integrated solution is now possible on WorldTicket’s airline e-commerce platform, W1 Retail.

You can now offer your customers a wide range of hotel options like an integrated part of their buying experience – both as part of the process of buying their ticket or as a standalone process separate from buying the flight ticket. Independent of the process, the hotel buying process is a fully integrated flow on your W1 Retail e-commerce website for a modern look and feel.

Together with our partner Expedia we are proud to be able to offer you and your customers reduced hotel fares. Thus, the W1 hotel integration not only represents an attractive add-on to your existing offerings but also gives you the opportunity to offer your passenger’s hotel rates not normally accessible.

Contact us if you would like to benefit from our new innovative service interested in further information about our W1 Hotel.

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