September 18, 2019

WorldTicket Passenger Retail

A modern and user-friendly Experience

Copenhagen, September 2019.

Our WorldTicket Passenger Retail solution is making it possible for our airline customers to connect with their passengers at all passenger touchpoints. W1 Retail is built on the latest e-retail technology for a modern and user-friendly online shopping experience – of course fully and seamlessly integrated with our PSS.

Our W1 Retail solution is not just a flexible but also highly technically developed solution making it possible for our PSS customers to set-up direct website sales according to each individual commercial strategy as well as marketing profile. This includes a wide selection of passenger self-service options and passenger profiling functionality, bundling and unbundling of ancillaries, third party product sales like the hotel, car rental, fast track, etc. Further, W1 Retail comes in a responsive design providing the best user experience in all devices – including mobile devices.

We have designed our W1 Retail solution for any airline looking to offer their passengers the most modern online experience but without compromising their spending budget. Besides the advanced functionality, which our customers need for their website sales, it includes a full content management system for management and analysis without high upfront investments and months of implementation times.

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