August 16, 2019

Your Favorite Travel Memory

… of summer 2019

In our previous newsletter, we asked you to share your favorite travel memory of summer 2019. First, we would like to thank you for the fantastic pictures and stories we have received. In the upcoming days, we will share some of your pictures on our Instagram.

To sum it up a little: Some people did a Europe-Roadtrip with their friends, some spent a few days at the coast of their home country with the family, and others toured around the world discovering new and hidden places in Asia and America. As different as the destinations were, as different were the motives of the holidays. Whereas some wanted to have a relaxed summer vacation spending all day at the beach, others wanted to see as much as possible and were hiking or discovering a city on foot a lot.

However, all those travel memories shared one common thing: everyone said the most beautiful thing about their vacation was to spend quality time with the loved ones. No matter if family, friends or strangers who became friends during a journey – those people made every travel memory unique and a wonderful time.

We are glad that all of you had fantastic holidays and we wish you a beautiful late summer.

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