August 16, 2019

Discover Europe’s North this summer: Bornholm

Bornholm is a Danish island located approx. 200km east of the capital Copenhagen in the Baltic Sea. It is not just the sunniest part of Denmark but also one of the most spectacular places in Denmark when it comes to nature. It is famous for its rocky cliffs, leafy forests and beautiful sandy, soft beaches. 

denmark bornholm beach

But the island offers much more than a breathtaking landscape. In the north of the island are the clifftop ruins of Hammerhus which was once a medieval castle and the iconic round churches.



For art-lover, the contemporary Bornholm Art Museum exhibits artworks of painters who got inspired by the island’s beauty and it’s unique lightning making every sunset and sunrise an extraordinary experience. However, it’s not just the paintings which are a must-see but also the island’s ceramic and glassware artisans. Their works are famous in whole of Denmark and famous for their great details. Further, the Bornholm museum gives thrilling insights into the island’s history reflecting over 10,000 years. 

port-Bornholm sea ship ocean boat

Further, small fishing villages characterize Bornholm. Rønne, for instance, is a cozy little historic town with historic smokehouses and fantastic fish restaurants. 

village bornhom

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