June 28, 2019

Eigth Travel Trends of 2019

Within the last few years, the way of traveling has undergone major changes. This influences not just the way of how travel is sold but also how travelers have to be served.  Amadeus has examined these changes and accordingly the year 2019 is characterized by the following eight travel trends.

First of all, the most crucial trend is personalization. The traveler nowadays highly values personalized services products and processes. Thus, all companies within the travel industry should understand the needs and wants of the travelers as well as previous challenges and how to address these.

Second, the continual rise of rich content has been observed due to the development of new approaches such as NDC (New Distribution Capability). Hence, this year is providing the deployment of many new solutions in order to make it possible for airlines and travel sellers offer and consume NDC content.

Further, the traveler nowadays highly values convenience. More specifically, personalized service and consistency across channels and devices. Following, the third trend is resulting out of increased complexity within the industry requiring aggregation, search and comparison.

This again gives rise to the fourth trend of 2019: the travel industry must collaborate due to the fast pace of development of new technologies, for instance, more co-creation and more agile partnerships.

The fifth and sixth identified trends each identify two key target groups that are steadily increasing. Millennials are being of fundamental importance this year and it is crucial for any player in the travel industry to understand how they act and what they want. An increasing number of business travelers is also observed. Companies are aware of the importance of good travel policies and the wellbeing of their employees on business travels which  is expected to influence the industry in the coming years

Trend number seven is the deployment of a range of new technologies in order to minimize disruption in the travel processes between the different players. For instance, it is recommended to invest in big data and process automation.

Lastly, trend eight is characterized by smart cities boosting travel and tourism which can positively influence the travelers’ overall experience.

8 Travel Trends 2019 WorldTicket Amadeus Millennials Business Travel Personalization Airplanes
8 Travel Trends of 2019 (Source: Amadeus)

As of June 2019, we can already observe some of the trends within the travel industry coming true. However, we are very much looking forward to seeing how the industry will develop for the remaining of the year and which further trends will occur and characterize the travel industry.

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