June 12, 2019

WorldTicket Digital Marketing Services

Boost Your Online Presence!

Copenhagen, June 2019.

With our W1 GSA services we are re-thinking the traditional airline GSA services, by utilizing our competencies as long-time aviation IT provider. The W1 GSA services are both, more modern and flexible than the traditional airline GSA offerings. 
Divided into W1 GSA Passenger & Agent Services and W1 GSA Digital Marketing Services, we offer various GSA packages. With our Digital Marketing Services, you get the chance to boost your online presence by fully utilizing the new marketing platforms at a budget suitable for the regional and mid-sized airlines. More specifically, our dedicated online experts will put together a digital marketing strategy tailored to your airline’s branding and values for a minimal budget. Based on this we create an online presence as well as social media profile afterward.
With our Digital Marketing Services, you get online brand management, dedicated graphic designer, and promotion material creation. Further, you will receive online campaigns (i.e. SEO and SEM), website content management (e.g. news/blog creation and support), website visitor and conversion analysis as well as recommendation reports.
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WorldTicket Digital Marketing Boost your profit

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