May 20, 2019

New Customer: FLYBOSNIA

FLYBOSNIA is going live with SMS5 and W1 Retail

Copenhagen, May 2019.

We are very pleased to announce that the Bosnian airline, FLYBOSNIA, is live on WorldTicket PSS Sell-More-Seats and live with our Passenger Retail website.

Based at Sarajevo International Airport, the 2017 registered airline aims at becoming the national carrier. Overall the airline wants to connect Bosnia and Herzegovina with many destinations in Europe and the Middle East by offering direct flights from and to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sarajevo City.

So far, FLYBOSNIA serves Kuwait City as a destination with a fleet of an Airbus 319-100. However, an enlargement of two more aircraft within this year is planned.

FLYBOSNIAS’ overall goal is being a sustainable airline which focuses on the specific needs of the individual customer. Even though the airline determines its service as their highest priority, safety, reliability, and, affordability is highly valued too.

WorldTicket is pleased to service our first Bosnian carrier not only with our PSS but also with our e-commerce website, the WorldTicket Passenger Retail solution, where airlines can create a modern online shopping experience for their passengers.

Welcome aboard FLYBOSNIA!

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