May 15, 2019

WorldTicket Services

WorldTicket is an airline Passenger Service Solution (PSS) provider since 2002, supplying more than 55 airlines worldwide with advanced PSS solutions, airline e-commerce solutions, and GDS distribution.

Our airline PSS, Sell-More-Seats (SMS), is an all-in-one solution built on modern and flexible technology – HTML5. We provide airline inventory management and distribution in all industry sales channels and a solution that is suitable for airlines with traditional, mixed and low-cost business models. As a further benefit of SMS, cloud hosting from IBM data centers worldwide and support in multiple time zones is provided to all our airline customers.

Our WorldTicket Passenger Retail is an innovative full airline e-commerce solution which represents a modern online shopping experience for your passengers on the highest technological standards. With a wide range of opportunities for ancillary sales (both in packages and as standalone) and integrations for 3rd party content sales like the hotel, car rental, insurance, etc and a platform that works on both laptop and mobile devices, our mature solution provides full commercial flexibility on your direct sales.

Since 2006 WorldTicket has been connected to the GDS’ and can provide any of our airline PSS customers with GDS distribution on their own IATA code. However, as the only PSS provider in the market, WorldTicket offers GDS Sub-Hosting on our own IATA code W2.

W2 GDS Sub-Hosting can be the ideal solution for start-up airlines that wish to eliminate long implementation times of the GDS’ as well as upfront investments needed in establishing GDS distribution. As the owner of the Danish AOC holding airline, Flexflight (IATA code W2), W2 can be marketing and validating carrier in all the major GDS’ on behalf of our PSS customers who will then be distributed in all the major GDS’ and ticketable in more than a 120 BSP markets – virtually from one week to the other and seamlessly integrated with our PSS. The set-up is completely flexible and may be used temporarily, e.g. while awaiting GDS implementation on your own IATA code.

Our Global BSP Ticketing service is a product offered to any airline, independent of their PSS solution, who are looking to optimize on their existing GDS sales. With W2 TKT these airlines can be for sale in e.g. the offline BSP markets that are of less strategic importance than the online BSP markets. The already existing W2 ticket stock allows being ticketable in more than 120 BSP markets worldwide and offers more attractive commercial conditions than other comparable providers.

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