April 16, 2019

WorldTicket as an Organization

– a truly global Organization

Copenhagen, April 2019.

In WorldTicket we are proud to say that we are a truly global organization. Within our segment, we are one of the few PSS providers with a global service organization. More than 17 years after launching WorldTicket in 2002, we have grown into a multi-location organization. From our base in Denmark, we’ve reached out across the globe. We now have offices on two continents and develop our solutions in five countries.

Headquartered in Copenhagen, WorldTicket employs approx. 125 people to enable the best possible services of our solutions and customer support across several time zones. Our five offices are located in Bangkok, Copenhagen, Beijing, Kiev, and Warsaw while having various departments represented in each office. For instance, product development, customer service, accounting services, and implementation consultants. All of the teams work together hand in hand across the countries. Following, being a global organization stands for a more agile workforce, scalability and transparency.

“For me, it is the greatest pleasure to see how WorldTicket has grown into a global organization. It’s not only about learning from each other but also about growing together. We face new challenges every day and thanks to the many different cultures in our company we come up with great and successful solutions every single time.”, says Lasse Meilsoe, Group CEO.

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