April 1, 2019

Vibrating Tel Aviv – A City that never stops

Tel Aviv means ‘Hill of Spring’ in Hebrew and is located in Israel. It is well-known for its glimmering beaches, creative culture, incredibly glorious food, and nonstop nightlife. But is it worth the hype? We will find it out by taking you to a magical journey to one of the most modern and cosmopolitan cities in the Middle East.

The atmosphere in sandy Tel Aviv carries the flair of never-ending renewal: flowers bloom everywhere, new restaurants open and the air is full of joyful exuberance. The average age of the residents is 36 years and probably is the reason why many young people are strolling around the streets.

You will be packed by the energy and the inspirational as well as relaxed vibes. This is justified in the fact that Tel Aviv is the most liberal city in the middle east. Skateboarders everywhere, colorful markets, outstanding nightlife, and an exciting culinary scene underline the atmosphere. Also, the size of the city contributes to that a lot. Even though the city has almost 430’000 residents, it doesn’t feel as massive as other metropolises. You can go everywhere on foot or you can rent e-bikes or bicycles. The best about Tel Aviv: everyone is kind and friendly and more than happy to help. Judgments and bad vibes are foreign words here. 

spice market in tel avivWorld-class street artists enchant the whole city. Colorful walls, rooftops, and floors make the city exactly what it is today: an entire work of art. market in tel avivIt’s all about art in vibrating Tel Aviv: Street art alleys and avant-garde galleries characterize the city and Florentin and Nevek Tzedek are described as the best neighborhoods to discover spectacular graffiti art. The whole city is an enterprising creative landscape. Further, the world-famous Tel Aviv Museum of Art and various galleries invite art lovers to visit. For the ones who want even more art: Tel Aviv is characterized by a rich theatre scene, live music (from beachside buskers to famous international acts), and a big range of classical music, and ballet. Overall, the city attracts many creative and inspirational artists. Especially Jaffa, the old town of Tel Aviv, spreads a unique artsy charm due to its colorful markets where you can buy and marvel at handcrafted artworks, food, spices, treats or textiles. 

Further, the food in Tel Aviv is damn good food! Hummus, Falafel, Baba Ganoush, Shakshuka, fresh spices.

hummus falafel baba ganoush tel aviv foodLet’s start with Hummus: it’s one of the most prevalent dishes in Israeli cuisine and one can claim that there’s nothing better than freshly made Hummus served with warm pita bread. The traditional spices, as well as the fresh ingredients and the unique mix of flavors, make it truly a taste explosion. Further, amazing salads usually served as a mezze, Tahini, and different types of freshly baked bread will ensure you a gourmet tour on the highest level. For dessert, you can try the traditional Arabic dessert Kanafeh – a cheese pastry soaked in sweet sugar-based syrup. In order to have the best food experience: eat with locals who show you the best places in town. If you’re in a food coma after the tons of food: grab a traditional and insanely good cup of cold coffee afterwards.

delicious dessert baklava in Tel aviv

Moreover, the world’s best beach destinations are waiting for you. Tel Aviv is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea and delights with great weather all year round. Thus, the dazzling stretches of golden beaches invite you literally 365 days a year. Beaches like the Metzitzim Beach in the north or the Alma Beach Jaffa in the south, for instance, are made for a dip in the weather or for an extensive sunbath. and in the evening you will get the chance to experience breathtaking sunsets there.

Also, Tel Aviv, which is also described as the bustling and hip Mediterranean ‘Manhattan’ provides parties for every taste. No matter if you prefer a beer at the beachfront in a chilled atmosphere, a refreshing cocktail in a rooftop bar accompanied by sounds and melodies of famous DJ’s or a glass of wine in one of the countless bars, Tel Aviv has it all. Even bumping beats at underground clubs. 

Tel Aviv beach sunset surfer palm trees After all of these arguments, we think: you will fall in love with the urban coolness, chilled atmosphere, as well as the international flair of Tel Aviv and it won’t be your last holiday there. That’s for sure.

Did you know that YanAir Airlines can easily bring you there this summer? So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag, grab your favorite travel buddy and discover the city that never stops. 

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