February 18, 2019

Call Center Webinars

New SMS 5 Introductions 

Bangkok, February 2019.

Along with the introduction of our 5th generation Sell-More-Seats in January, we have been hosting multiple SMS 5 introduction webinars for all airline employees that are or will be working with the platform. These were mainly about some of the basic call center functionalities, such as making a new reservation or changing an existing reservation.

Training Manager Martin Nielsen is excited to announce some new SMS 5 webinars which will be held in week 9:

“Our customers can look forward to more enhanced webinars on some of the more advanced processes managed in the airline call centers.”

Join us if one of the topics below is a concern of yours:

Thursday 28 February, Call Center II:

  • Security (Company, Office, User, and Roles)
  • Ticketing Queue
  • Waitlist Queue
  • SSR Queue
  • Debit/Credit Accounts
  • Bulk Administration

Moreover, save the date and don’t miss out on our Call Center III webinar on March 27 if you are dedicated to processes on irregular operations in SMS 5 in cases of flight delays, cancellations etc.

“The webinars are relevant both for users still educating themselves on SMS 5 as well as part of onboarding of new call center staff,” Martin Nielsen proposes.

Sign up today by sending an email to your daily WorldTicket contact person to receive your registration link.

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