January 23, 2019

Changing from Flash to HTML with SMS 5

SMS 5 Technology Benefits 

Copenhagen, January 2019.

SMS 5 involves several major technological changes compared to our previous solution generations.

A key technological change in the user interface of SMS 5 is the move from Adobe Flash to the more modern and more widely used JavaScript HTML 5.

The change from Flash to HTML is a significant and fundamental change to the core of SMS and is, of course, a change that has required a lot of our development resources as part of releasing this new generation.

But even though such a technology change might not be of major interest to many of our customers, it still involves some benefits to the end user.

The end users will experience a quicker system response and will not have to install additional software or plugins on their PCs to run the solution. Additionally, with HTML, the users of SMS get access to some standard functionality for easier filtering and sorting of data inside the solution.

And of course, as an extra benefit, you can now run SMS on all devices, including your smartphone and tablet.

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