January 4, 2019

Mobile Travel Trends 2019

Mobile check-in and boarding passes, flight tracking, in-flight entertainment, directions to your hotel – travellers carrying their mobile devices on their trips has become normality these days.

Customer expectations are evolving at such lightning speed that travellers expect information to be accessible on-request and to have their individual needs met before they even feel it.

On the basis of this transformation, researchers expect airlines taking advantage of big data combined with individual customer information to create truly personalized experiences.

Based on traveller research and insights from travel experts, the Travelport Digital Mobile Travel Trends 2019 Report detects which trends will shape consumer travel and which technologies organizations in the travel industry should be investigating. Let’s have a look at some of them:

1. Visual Search

According to technology experts, the future of online search is going to split into different directions in the next few years – Voice, Vertical, and Visual. Especially visual search capabilities are being discovered as the area we should focus on. 62% of Generation Z and millennial consumers want visual search over any other new technology. This shift has driven airlines to implement solutions such as Look&Book, a feature in the easyJet app which allows travellers to book their holidays using just an Instagram photo. Such an application of visual search provides the opportunity of taking the user-first approach and creating a more seamless customer journey.

2. The Mobile-first Customer

On average, adults (16+) look at their mobile phone every 12 minutes, they check it within 5 minutes of waking up and 78% say they can’t live without it and never switch it off, thus defining the mobile-first customer. This development is driven by various factors. Just to mention some:

– 53% of users are more likely to shop with a brand they can message
– The rise of chatbots – 300K active bots solely on Facebook Messenger
– 52% of worldwide online traffic was generated via mobile phones in 2018 and by 2019 the number of mobile eCommerce transactions is expected to surpass desktop for the first time ever

Organizations in the travel sector should take into consideration that 52% of travellers expect to be able to communicate with a travel brand using text/messaging. With a tendency to grow, already 30% of travellers have researched or booked a trip using a chat platform.

3. Airline as a Retailer

Looking back, 2018 was the year airline retailing moved from being the aspiration of a few thought leaders to an accepted industry-wide strategy leading to outcomes such as e-ticketing, barcode boarding passes and NDC. Not only has the passenger taken over the centre stage when it comes to the question of what to sell. Moreover, the entire trip, known as customer journey, including the experiences throughout it, has become more important than ever before.

As a result, airlines now need to think of products as more than just a seat. It is about selling a wider array of travel products to meet more of the passengers’ total travel needs. Over 60% of travellers rate being able to book a hotel on a travel app as important. For airlines this means offering products like hotel, car, insurance, airport transfer, etc. becomes a must nowadays.

WorldTicket can support airlines right there:

Our WorldTicket Passenger Retail Solution is built on modern e-retail technology making it easier for our airline customers to give the passengers a modern shopping experience. The flexibility within bundling and unbundling ancillaries, self-service functionality, sales of 3rd party products like hotel rooms, car rental, etc., allows our airline customers to put together fully customized products for their passengers. Learn more about our solutions on our website.

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