December 21, 2018

The American New Year

New York – One of the best places to be when we move from the old into the new year!

Source: Pixabay

A New Year’s miracle is not far away, all it takes is for you to travel to New York and celebrate it with friends or family. In a city packed with extraordinary new years attractions along with great shows at midnight. You’ll feel like in the middle of the world, since the whole city prepares itself for a new year to begin, along with the whole city filled with motivation and happiness. The charm of Central Park will not disappear during this season, you’ll have to go there, for example to ice skating – Among with the millions of tourists going in and out of New York during this season. Why not start the year off in the greatest parks, streets, and restaurants in the world?


Source: Pixabay

Also, the Times Square at New Years will change your perspective of how amazing a view like that can be! As the clock nears midnight, everyone’s eyes turn to Times Square, at its dazzling lights and bursting energy, making the millions of people watching, believe in a happy new year! Whether you’re celebrating in a cool downtown bar or in an exclusive rooftop event, you’re in for a treat when visiting New York this season. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to bump into a celebrity…

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