November 26, 2018

The Truth About Passenger Needs, According To IATA Global Passenger Survey

It All Starts With A Passenger…

Along with the total number of airline passengers growing on a global scale every year, the number of passengers buying their tickets through the online channels is also developing and offering the cheapest ticket price is not necessarily enough – the passengers demand customized products and smooth, easy and user-friendly processes during purchase, at the airport and while traveling.

The IATA Global Passenger Survey 2018 considers data from more than 10.000 respondents of all ages which finally provides detailed insights into what passengers really want these days.

“Let us travel simple and efficient, conscious and paperless.”

Previously, most air travelers would buy their airline tickets from a local travel agent, and the tickets were printed and mailed to their homes. Today, electronic boarding passes and online check-in via smartphone are the most preferable alternatives, especially within the age range of 25 to 54.

Furthermore, 45 percent of air travelers choose biometric identification as a replacement of their passport.

“Fast, intuitive and self-serviced airport experiences is what we want.”

The survey reveals that 68 percent of passengers embrace self-service bag drop options. Some would even accept a robot or a drone to get their bag.

Security screening, pick up and re-claim of bags, as well as immigration processes are factors with negative impacts on the airport experience.

Also interesting, 65 percent of passengers are willing to share additional personal information in exchange for a more personalized travel experience and less waiting times at the airports. However, a significant drop of 5 percent is observed compared to the previous year.

“Being notified about our flight or bag status is important – with a human touch when disruption happens.”

Bag tracking turned out to be a must these days. 42 percent of passengers expect trustworthy notifications about their baggage throughout their journey. Half of the respondents would prefer to have their bags delivered directly to their final destination as long as they can track it.

Services that could best improve travel experiences are, among other things, real-time, accurate travel notifications (54%), as well as face-to-face interaction with an airline agent who will arrange further travel details for the passenger (39%)

“We want to make the most out of the in-flight experience.”

Accompanied by the development of new online technologies emerges the trend for on-board Wi-Fi usage preferences: Around 40 percent of travelers would prefer using the internet during their flights, searching connecting flight-related information, planning their onward journey, or filling in customs e-declarations or other e-forms.

Especially for the 55+ travelers, availability of overhead space for carry-on bags would definitely improve the boarding experience.

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