November 22, 2018

CX-Driven Technology As A Game-Changer For Our Relationships With Airlines

With instant messaging (IM) and artificial intelligence (AI) on the ascent, airlines are facing the challenge how to communicate to their passengers, and critically, how to optimize valuable customer experiences (CX).

Increased competition in the air travel industry drives the need for innovative solutions to differentiate offerings and improve customer satisfaction. Up until recently, lower ticket prices and unique premium products were number one solutions to compete. However, today, the focus is on something else: How to make communication as simple as possible? And crucially, how can this be geared to relevant touch points with the passengers?

While new technology has been transforming the way we travel or book our tickets, it also opens up new opportunities.

In WorldTicket we are also following the trends close, and see interesting developments within the following areas where we believe that we as a PSS provider in the smaller segment can bring value to our customers:


Instant Messaging, Social Media & Chatbots

For valid reasons, some carriers have been appreciating instant messaging and social media chats lately. A strong presence on Messenger or WhatsApp turned out as an excellent opportunity to communicate with customers on their requests. Real-time conversations and automated chatbots to answer FAQs quickly are of great value for customers. Therefore, it provides a high potential to increase customer experience.

Source: Pixabay

In WorldTicket, we have tested this great opportunity ourselves: Within our newly launched WorldTicket Helpdesk, our customers can reach out to us through our own live chat. It contributes to less waiting and faster responses, which increases smooth operations and convenience, paying off in higher satisfaction rates. At the moment, we are also planning to apply automated chatbots.



There is no doubt that mobile apps are changing everyone’s consumer experience. According to SITA’s Passenger IT Trends Survey 2017, 98 percent of all airline passengers carry at least one mobile device when they travel. A large number of carriers have already invested in mobile capabilities to serve their passengers.

You are wondering how apps should be developed in order to increase passenger experiences?

  • Make sure that your app’s features take the whole passenger journey into consideration, from ticket purchase until the passenger leaves the airport after the flight.
  • Be mindful of users’ goals and think about simplified and convenient solutions.
  • Provide a clear and simple path without too much information or text.
  • Focus on pleasant visualizations to encourage the user to continue their journey.

We think these are great examples demonstrating how airlines can differentiate their services and offerings on different communication platforms and at the same time create more positive passenger experiences.

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