November 14, 2018


Copenhagen, November 2018.

WorldTicket has provided regional and mid-sized airlines with advanced PSS solutions worldwide for more than 15 years now – and we are continually developing with great success!

Being the only provider in our segment with a truly global organization with multiple functions in multiple offices across several time zones is one of our greatest achievements.
For our customers, this means that they can expect globally-recognized services and products covering multiple zones, which are steadily improved and adapted to new valuable standards by our highly motivated WorldTicket team. Additionally, all processes and tools are documented across all locations, which make us fully scalable internally and on behalf of our customers.

In 2002, our CEO and founder, Lasse Meilsoe, opened the first WorldTicket office in Copenhagen as the cornerstone of the company. Whilst, on those days, the team counted only ten people, today, the number has increased up to more than 100 employees in multiple locations, including Bangkok, Warsaw, Kiev. Beijing, and the UK. Also, we are proud that our Bangkok team grew from 4 to almost 25 people within only four years. Great teamwork across national boundaries is what makes WorldTicket so strong.

“Even though our teams are geographically separated, and we don’t share the same backgrounds, due to great team spirit and by means of the latest communication technologies we can easily connect and align and function as one whole team,” COO Kenneth Wegner reveals.

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