October 17, 2018

Improve Passenger Experience With W1 Retail Solution

Copenhagen, October 2018. Today, according to IDC Research, 97% of all travellers carry a mobile phone or device on their trip, whilst more than 148.3 million people use the internet to book accommodations, package tours, and activities each year. With disruptive competition on the rise, innovative technologies providing a seamless customer experience may be airlines’ pivotal differentiator to stay ahead of the customer experience curve.

With this in mind, we in WorldTicket are focusing on today’s airline passengers demands in order to satisfy the expectations for their next journey.

Any time a customer comes into contact with any aspect of an airline, no matter at what touch point during the customer journey, it is an opportunity to increase satisfaction and loyalty“, WorldTicket CEO, Lasse Meilsoe, highlights.

With our Passenger Retail Solution we support our airline customers by offering ecommerce solutions that can be tailored to their passengers’ specific needs.

The Passenger Retail solution is a best of breed solution when it comes to ecommerce technology and flexibility. This gives our airline customers a wide range of features including bundling and unbundling ancillaries, selling 3rd party products, i.e. hotel rooms or rental cars either in packages or as single items and a range of passenger self-service functionality. Everything can be put together according to the commercial model of each airline.

Contact us today for a demo of our Passenger Retail solution.

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