October 17, 2018

Boost Your Online Presence With WorldTicket

Copenhagen, October 2018. In WorldTicket we believe that our job is not only to to be a technology provider – with our industry capabilities we also want to help our airline customers boost their online presence. Therefore, as part of our unique service to act as a General Sales Agent (GSA) WorldTicket offers professional Digital Marketing Services tailored for each airline customer.

Successful digital marketing means getting in front of the airlines’ potential customers who are doing research online and are looking for the services that the airline offers.

The WorldTicket GSA Team has the expertise and experience in all fields of digital marketing. Whether the airline’s website needs to get search-optimized, it is time for a new and up-to date website and overall branding that is aligned with the company image, or user experience optimization in the booking flow is needed, WorldTicket provides the necessary professional services.

We will also support in brand awareness with activities like developing inspiring blogs or finding relevant influencers for each customer if needed.

Based on comprehensive marketing and performance reports, we see and take the challenge in increasing organic traffic and creating a strategy to allocate the budget of our airline customers within paid channels like Facebook and Google AdWords in the most efficient way.

Together with us, our airline customers have the opportunity of being frontiers on persuasive online presence which has become an integral part of professional airlines.

Contact the GSA Team for an analysis of your current online presence and how we may help improving it.

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