June 12, 2018

Insights into WorldTicket Passenger Retail Solution

Copenhagen, June 2018. Along with the total number of airline passengers growing on a global scale every year, the number of passengers buying their tickets through online channels is also growing. Customized products and smooth, easy and user-friendly processes during purchase, at the airport and while traveling are essential for creating positive customer experiences.

WorldTicket Passenger Retail solution (as part of SMS 5.0) is built on modern e-retail technology making it easier for our airline customers to give the passenger a modern shopping experience.

Therefore, it provides the functionality required by the passengers. It offers not only access from multiple devices but also features like easy overview of prices and availability, adding additional products, selecting seats, checking in online and creating accounts for faster processes during the next purchase.

Our surveys conducted during the conference last week show that many of the participating airlines are interested in selling add-ons, including from 3rd parties like hotel, car rental and insurance companies, which is of course also supported in our passenger retail solution.

Contact us if you want to know more about how WorldTicket can assist you.

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