May 17, 2018

Countdown to WorldTicket Customer Conference 2018

Copenhagen, May 2018. Today we are less than three weeks away from WorldTicket Customer Conference 2018. The whole team is currently working full steam ahead in order to make this event one of the most spectacular moment in the history of the company.

Since it is our purpose to steadily enhance the complete passenger experience the conference’s focus will lay on the introduction of the 5th generation of Sell-More-Seats. Its functionality and service packages will contribute to an even more complete and customer-centric solution built to generate more customer loyalty through positive touch points between the airline and the passenger.

In order to give our customers real influence on the development of this solution the WorldTicket Development Partner Hackathon is an offering to all our airline customers. Don’t miss out on this event if you wish to take the opportunity to engage in workshop sessions, share experiences with the WorldTicket solutions, and learn from your peers.

How can I register?
Just send an email to our conference team on conference@worldticket.com.
You can find further information as well as the agenda on the official invitation to the conference and the hackathon.

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