January 30, 2018

Insights into today’s ever-connected traveler

Copenhagen, January 2018. It is no secret that many people are addicted to their phones and therefore highly dependent on being connected during their journeys. Travelport provides some interesting insights into the behavior of the so called ever-connected traveler and which nations are the most dependent.

The Global Digital Traveler Research by Travelport with data from August 2017, covered 11.000 respondents from 19 countries. Some of its insights into the behavior of the ever-connected traveler are presented in the following.

A huge number, namely 60% of all global travelers state that they would be lost without their smartphones. This need for always staying connected has several reasons. Generally, the main motivation for the ongoing connection can be described as “fear of missing out”. They either want to stay in touch with their families and friends (75%), share their travel experiences (42%) or just need to research on destinations, good restaurants or opening hours of attractions. It might of course also be a mix of those. This desired ability to stay connected is the reason why 61% of the global travelers avoid hotels that charge for Wifi.

There also arises a conflict among travelers, meaning the discrepancy between being all-time-connected or getting away from it all (43%). This phenomenon could be related to the fact, that 80% just want to relax during their travels. Being available and connected 24/7 is counterproductive in that case.

It has to be said that some regions are more dependent on digital services than others. The digital traveler league-table gives an overview about people’s overall smartphone, fixed-line and mobile internet penetration levels, i.e. their digital dependency for planning and during their journey. According that table, Asia Pacific with India (#1), China (#2) and Indonesia (#3) are most dependent, whereas Germany (#19) marks the taillight.

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