January 29, 2018

Research and booking habits of the global traveler

Copenhagen, January 2018. In the digital age, travelers are confronted with a large variety of sources for research and booking. Which services do they really use and what are their preferences? Travelport provides some answers.

The Global Digital Traveler Research by Travelport with data from August 2017, covered 11.000 respondents from 19 countries. Some of its insights into travelers’ research as well as booking behavior and preferences are presented in the following.

Generally, when talking about travelers’ information research, peer to peer as well as review sites show a large popularity among travelers around the world. For example, 79% of the Americans and 82% of the people in Asia Pacific make use of those sites in their researching process. But it has to be mentioned, that many people show doubts about the trustworthiness of those review sites.

Another noteworthy source of influence is other people’s photos and videos they share on social media platforms. 90% of Chinese, Indians and Indonesians make use of them during research. Nevertheless, many people still value face to face bookings, i.e. the service of travel professionals. In Europe 75% prefer this service and in Asia Pacific it’s 80%.

When it comes to booking, the computer is still the main advice for this process. In the EU, 82% and in the US 81% of the travelers book their journey in front of their computer screens. Nonetheless, booking via a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) is getting more popular. Currently, 46% of people in Asia Pacific and 34% Americans use their mobile devices for the booking process.

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