January 17, 2018

EMD rolled out to all WorldTicket PSS Customers

Copenhagen, January 2018. WorldTicket is now starting to convert all our PSS customers to the IATA standard document EMD.

The Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) is an industry-wide standard for selling, that delivers a common approach across all channels and allows to track the status of sold services. It offers various benefits for our PSS customers, for example the possibility to sell additional services through GDS – an additional revenue opportunity for our airline customers.

In WorldTicket we are always committed to follow the industry standard. Even though we are servicing the mid-sized and smaller carriers, keeping up with the trends is still fundamental to us. For many years, WorldTicket supported both EMD and the legacy way of charging penalties, ancillary sales fees and misc fees. Starting in January 2018, WorldTicket is converting all our PSS customers to only use EMD.

EMD facilitates the fulfillment of optional or ancillary services. It basically works like an e-ticket, meaning that a document is issued for the services, a receipt is issued to the customer and value coupons are stored in an electronic record in the airline’s system. The EMD is used for airlines’ sales, direct or via travel agencies connected to a GDS. Apart from that, the document is used for services delivery at the airport and revenue collection by airlines’ revenue accounting system.

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