November 13, 2017

JC International Airlines is now live at WorldTicket’s W2 solution

China, november 2017. Mission accomplished – WorldTicket is now providing global GDS sales on our W2 GDS sub-hosting set-up to JC International Airlines, hosted on Travelsky.

JC International Airlines, founded in 2004, is based at Phnom Penh International Airport in Cambodia. In March 2017, the airline launched operations with flights to three destinations in Cambodia.

JC International now is the first airline being hosted on Travelsky while also using WorldTicket’s sub-hosting solution for GDS distribution on our W2 code; a fully integrated set-up where Travelsky provides the full inventory platform and WorldTicket through our W2 sub-hosting solution provides global GDS distribution and BSP ticketing.

On 8th November 2017, JC International Airlines went live with this set-up thanks to weeks of close collaboration between WorldTicket and Travelsky. According to WorldTicket’s CEO, Lasse Meilsoe “the integration with Travelsky was an important milestone for WorldTicket and we can thank all the professional people involved from start to finish that we have now taken this over the finish line”.

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