November 28, 2014

Order Online Check-In and Facilitate Mobile Messaging to Passengers

Copenhagen, november 2014. As part of helping our airline customers winning the online moment of truth, WorldTicket has and is constantly developing new features and functionality to support this. With the online check-in the airlines can increase the user experience with a more smooth travel process.

Another new feature in Sell-More-Seats®, is the Short Message Gateway, making it possible for our customers to communicate with the passengers on flight delays, cancellations etc.

“In such cases, up until now, the carriers would communicate with the airlines via email, and of course there is a risk of the passenger never reading the email and therefore has a negative experience with the airline. With the messaging gateway, the airlines can send text messages to the mobile numbers of the passengers, and create a more positive experience in an already difficult situation”, Martin Nielsen, Customer Service Manager, explains.

Both services are available to all WorldTicket customers and will be implemented upon request.

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