Flex Flight

WorldTicket is the only provider who can provide an all-in-one solution for a IATA compliant PSS and sub-hosting for the GDS sales.

Get all the benefits from direct and GDS sales at record breaking implementation times with W2 SUB

WorldTicket is the owner of the Danish AOC holding airline, FlexFlight, with the IATA two-letter code W2, allowing us to provide airlines with a faster way into the GDS’s and without any upfront costs.

WorldTicket has implemented W2 in all the major GDS’  and can now sub-hosted any of our airline customers and make them ticketable as W2 to travel agents globally.

This unique and highly versatile offering, called W2 SUB, contains obvious benefits to the growing list of WorldTicket customers using W2 SUB:

  1. Distribution mix of the major carriers
  2. Quick time to market on the GDS sales
  3. Presence in the online travel agencies
  4. No up-front payments for GDS implementations
  5. No big investment on IATA BSP markets
  6. Outsource of GDS competencies
  7. Full revenue accounting service included
  8. Attractive commercial conditions
  9. Can be used permanently or temporarily depending on your needs

How does it work?

With W2 SUB by WorldTicket, getting for sale in the GDS has never been easier. You just follow a few steps and you are for sale:

  1. Sign up with WorldTicket for Sell-More-Seats® & W2 SUB
  2. As you project manager, we implement the inventory and sales platform, train your staff in how to use it and file your fares, fare rules and schedule for the GDS’
  3. You go live with sales in the direct sales channels and in the GDS’ as W2, where agent globally will issue the tickets on the W2/365 document
  4. Our W2 team performs monthly revenue accounting for your GDS sales and file schedule and fare updates on your behalf

Who can benefit from W2 SUB?

Start-up Airlines: We have assisted start-up airlines in getting for sale since 2002 and have seen the challenges that these airlines often face; one of them is time to market. it is critical to be able to sale as quickly as possible, but often the global distributions systems are months away and require considerate up-front investments. With W2 SUB, the start-up airlines can be for sale in the GDS as W2 in just a few weeks without any implementation fees but on a purely transaction based commercial model. Whenever these airlines are ready to be distributed in their own IATA code, WorldTicket will make the switch on the GDS connection.

Already established airlines: Most of the already established mid-sized and regional airlines are for sale in 1 maybe 2 GDS on their own IATA code, but the remaining GDS’ are not of a strategic importance where it makes commercially sense to make the implementation directly. For these GDS’ the airlines can use W2 SUB to still be for sale and not leave money on the table.

WorldTicket has also helped several airlines looking for a provider change, but already in an established distribution set-up, which would normally make a switch too cumbersome. We can switch any airline to W2 to cover an urgent need for a change in PSS.

Virtual Airlines: The virtual airlines acting as marketing companies and who have outsourced the operation to an operating carrier, usually have limited or no options to get into the GDS.W2 SUB solves this challenge, and makes the GDS world available to the virtual airlines.

For more information about W2 SUB please contact WorldTicket on +45 3956 3955 or send an email to sales@worldticket.net.